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The Bull Street Light Room is a Media Production Studio and Exhibition Space available for renting in 2, 6, 8,12 hour time blocks, Full Day and Multi-Day Rental Upon Request


NEW: Lighting is available by request 2 Westcott FJ 400  and FJ-X3 Wireless Trigger 


Equipment Included in your Rental

  • 3 paper 8ft Backdrops White, Black, and Grey

  • 64” Shoot Through Umbrella

  • 30 x 40 Soft box for Alien Bees

  • 2 stripe soft boxes for Alien Bees

  • V-Flat Reflector

  • 2 Light stands

  • 2 C Stands

  • Backdrop Stand

  • 2 Large Sand Bags

  • Client Viewing lounge with TV

  • Gallery Wall

  • Make up table

  • Fridge

  • Work Table

  • Garage Door For Natural Light and easy access to unload gear

  • And much More!

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Hello! We are Angela and Wayne Lee! 

Our goal for this space is to provide you with a space to let your creativity flow! 

We are so excited to offer this creative space to our community! To make this dream a reality we did a Kickstarter to raise the funds to open the studio.  A huge THANK YOU to our friends and community for helping us make this happen! We were able to raise $6000 to get the ball rolling! Schedule a visit with us today to check out if it is what you need for your next project! 

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